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Karl Bunyan

Tech Skills


The games and apps below have been developed since forming Wedu Games in 2013.

All applications where developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and the mobile versions created with PhoneGap.

Pop Puzzler

Pop Puzzler builds on ideas such as the popular Poppit game. The first version is a short single play experience along the lines of Bejewelled Blitz.

Pop Puzzler on iOS

Snakes in a Maze

Snakes in a Maze is similar to the old mobile phone games, but the slower speed and the addition of a maze adds a puzzle element as players must plan their route to the next pip around the maze as the snake gets longer.

Snakes in a Maze on iOS

Kentucky Poker

Kentucky Poker is a new poker variant that keeps the "best 5 cards from 7" format of Texas Hold'em, that results in much better hands than a 5-card game, but uses fixed odds so that players are trying to beat the house.

Kentucky Poker on iOS


PPL Tutor lets students studying for the private pilot's license practice the groundschool exams they need to pass to obtain their license. The app contains practice exams plus revision content.

Alongside the app, the PPL Tutor website contains the same content and users can purchase content either through iTunes, Google Play or PayPal and have access to all their content through a common log-in which syncs their purchases.

EASA PPL Tutor on iOS
EASA PPL Tutor on Google Play
EASA PPL Tutor website


FAA PPL Tutor is the version of the EASA PPL Tutor for the US market. Currently, only practice exams are available.

FAA PPL Tutor on iOS
FAA PPL Tutor website

Halfway Coffee

I found it hard to locate good cafes for a break when I was out on long bike rides, so I gathered information from cycle clubs across the country and built an app and a website around the Google Maps API.

Halfway Coffee on iOS
Halfway Coffee on Google Play